The Bello Gallico Course

  • You can find the course maps of 2023, as well as an option to download the gpx files at . The course maps for 2024 will become available closely before the event.
  • Parts of the course are on private property, so this course is only accessible during the race weekend.
  • Respect the course. We have tried to provide you with a course that includes as much as possible non-concrete trails through some of the nicest areas of the Dyle Valley, so we would like you to respect those.
  • ALWAYS close gates, even if they were open upon your arrival.
  • Respect the normal road and traffic regulations. We are not running on a closed circuit!
  • Leave only footprints, take only photographs. Any intentional littering will result in immediate disqualification.


  • Each course is fully marked, so navigation should be no problem


  • As a participant, you are responsible to carry enough water and food to last between checkpoints. On the course, we might have race officials at random intermediate checkpoints, they might have water with them for you to use, but do not count on this!!!
  • You are allowed to stop at shops, bars and restaurants (please respect Covid measures), however you can’t use hotels, B&B’s or other sleeping accommodations.


  • Each participant must complete the full race in a self-sufficient mode. This means that no outside support from friends or family or any other support crew is allowed.
  • No pacers or mules are allowed.