Covid-19 measures

As an organization we are fully committed to organize a safe event adhering to national, regional and local laws and restrictions regarding Covid-19. There we are taking the following precautions:

Covid Safe Ticket Plus

Every participant and volunteer will need a Covid Safe Ticket

  • Your Covid-certificate will be scanned and you will have to show a proof of identity before entering hall De Roosenberg for registration. A face mask is mandatory throughout the entire registration procedure, even outside.
  • You can obtain a Covid-certificate either when you are fully vaccinated, have recovered from Covid-19 within the last months or you have taken a negative PCR test no older than 48 hours or a Covid-19 antigentest (in a pharmacy) no older than 24 hours. More information can be found on  (Belgium) of (The Netherlands).
  • You have to provide your CST digitally or on paper. It is not sufficient to show testresults, it has to be a valid Covid certificate.
  • A face mask remains mandatory inside, even while sitting, unless you are eating or drinking

General measures

  • The organization will provide sufficient disinfectants and face masks (for the volunteers)
  • The organization will provide banners that make it clear which measures are in force
  • The organization has designated a covid-19 responsible for both De Roosenberg room and the various CPs
  • There will be no opportunity to shower for the participants this year
  • Runners cannot sleep inside, not in the De Roosenberg hall, nor in the CPs, neither before, during or after the race.

Restrictions inside

The following measures are taken to prevent the transmission of Covid-19

  • Restriction of the number of people allowed inside. For hall De Roosenberg a maximum of 200 persons will be allowed inside.
  • Ventilation of the interior spaces by keeping doors and windows open as much as possible
  • Monitoring of the air quality with CO2 meters in hall De Roosenberg. If the limit value of 900ppm is exceeded, the capacity of the interior space(s) will be limited until the value has dropped back below the threshold. If the critical level of 1200ppm is exceeded, the interior space will be emptied immediately until the value has dropped back below 900ppm
  • A maximum of 6 people may sit at 1 table. A face mask remains mandatory inside, even if you are sitting at the table, unless you are eating or drinking something at that time.
  • There will always be sufficient distance between the tables (minimum 1,5 meters)
  • Walking directions are indicated when entering hall De Roosenberg and the CPs
  • No supporters or spectators are allowed inside


  • At each checkpoint, supplies and possible drop bags will be provided outside
  • The supplies will be provided in individual portions
  • The participants are asked to only enter a CP to use the sanitary facilities or a medical intervention

Meals and drinks

  • There will be no pre-race Pasta party this year to limit the number of people present at the same time. The bar will also be closed during registration
  • After the race, on Sunday, a meal will be provided and the bar will also be open in hall De Roosenberg, according to the applicable Horeca protocols (i.e. not between 11 p.m. and 5 a.m.). There is, of course, strict supervision of the maximum of 200 people inside and the air quality (CO2 measurement).


  • Volunteers are allowed to enter CPs and do not count towards the maximum number of people allowed. The general rules regarding air quality will of course continue to apply
  • Volunteers will be offered sleeping arrangements, taking into account the necessary precautions
  • Volunteers must always wear a face mask inside De Roosenberg and the CPs, even if they are sitting at the table unless they are eating or drinking